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    The mission of RSVP's Survivor Restoration Program (SRP) is to support survivors through their own process of restoration and empowerment, while providing opportunities for them to contribute to the development, implementation, and evaluation of all RSVP components. To this end, SRP offers direct services to the survivors of the violent offenders participating in RSVP's Offender Restoration component.

    Driven by its commitment to survivors' needs and voices, SRP is a pioneer for victims' rights, reeducation, and empowerment. SRP staff members partner with representatives of local domestic violence service providers and criminal justice agencies to meet the needs of these clients. Working with victims during crisis periods, when individuals are in great need of a myriad of immediate interventions to help keep themselves and their families safe, SRP empowers survivors to restore themselves, their families, and their communities. To date, SRP has served hundreds survivors of domestic and random violence with counseling, referrals, empowerment classes and opportunities to participate in survivor impact presentations, among other activities.

    SRP utilizes a three-step program that works to restore in victims a sense of their own being and wholeness. Based on the principles of restorative justice, the three steps of the Victim Restoration Program are as follows:

    Victims: The first step of the program assists victims in their efforts to stabilize their living and financial situations, as they begin to confront the impact of their victimization. During this first step, victims are referred to services and are trained to use support systems and services to their advantage.

    Survivors: The second step of the program supports victims in their transition to survivors dealing with the emotional and personal impact of violence. Survivors confront their victimization, and promote healing and empowerment for themselves and their families.

    Advocates/Activists: During the third step of the program, survivors translate their collective experience of survival into action. Advocates/activists work with new victims and survivors, champion community reeducation efforts, and serve as healthy models for their families.

    Every 12 seconds a woman is beaten in the United States, with four million women requiring medical and police attention a year. Yet, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, domestic violence is the most underreported crime in the country. In San Francisco, where police receive an average of 450-550 domestic violence calls every month (S.F. Police Department, 2001) SRP works to stop the violence that has detrimental effects in San Francisco homes and communities. RSVP's Survivor Restoration Program reaches out to the women, children, and men who have been silenced by violence in their lives, providing them with the support, resources, and protection necessary for leading healthy lives.

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